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luckiest game of V since ever

im talking luckier that when Maggot dropped Wrath Of God, or when Boldor dropped Trident Of Wrath.

start: CL1, ranger; i see the weaponsmith has a longbow, i sell everything and buy it. i go in the dungeon without a weapon (sold my dagger) i find a dagger (+5,+5).
CL2: in town i use the dagger + longbow to kill maggot: drops a longbow of accuracy (+17,+4 only - oh well).
CL5: i keep getting 9/10/11 hp per die roll. i read a couple of DD and come back with some sellable stuff. The weaponsmith has a Longbow of EXTRA SHOTS <+1>. ok.

first orc uniques, i get Black DSM and i wipe them out.

DL21: a ring of power sitting in a demi-vault.
DL29: 9-9 level. getting ready to leave, it turns out it's just a low-level graveyard, and i get a DSM of Balance.
DL32: second Ring Of Power (+ESP)

it's been a game of "oh look i'm out of THIS THING" and next room i walk into has THE THING or even an upgrade to THE THING lying on the floor.

by the way; how do i do a file dump while still alive?
"i can take this dracolich"
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