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My luckiest early drop ever was this one last week. I consider my druid win almost as a cheat. I don't think I've ever found an artifact on dlvl2 floor (If I don't count Phials found in 1990's Angband). Plain (+0,+0) Iron Shots averaged about 120 dmg on anything that had no rCold.
This sob also found a chaos dragon scale mail at dlvl9 further breaking the game in pieces.

b) the Sling of Narama (x3) (+10,+18) <+2, +3, +1>
Found lying on the floor at 100 feet (level 2)

+2 constitution.
+3 infravision.
+1 shooting power.
+1 light.
Branded with cold.
Provides resistance to light, chaos.
Provides protection from fear.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
Slows your metabolism. Feather Falling. Grants the ability to
see invisible things.
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