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Some progress. Got a super rough racial list, mostly placeholders so I can test & see how the numbers change things. I went with a compromise on xp penalties: 100% base race, 110% strong race, 125% high elf... About 1/10 of the way through a 1st pass on the monster list. The 1st list is going to be a massive mishmash of things while I test every gimmick I can think of to learn what everything does. I'll try & get iconic O monsters to spawn more regularly then visitors at least & do a more authentic list when the mechanics look more similar.

Some weirdness. Capitalization is inconsistent (monster are lower-case, but they are capitalized in friends: ) . However the game wants to spit the dummy if I use Desc instead of desc, figures. Seems almost every non-unique humanoid is marked as male. Puzzled as to the reason, so started removing the flag to see if anything breaks.

Edit: I saw nothing on silver jelly to make it do what it does. Somewhere else? Lighting code?
Edit2: I tried using the kobold shaman(not in O) as mini-boss kobolds & they still mob-gen in pits. I assume that's sets elsewhere?

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