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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
In the 5 years I've been playing Angband...
(Shortened )

Thanks for a very considered post, Grotug.

I won't answer everything, but I'll say a few things that come to mind immediately:
  1. The suggestion that I shouldn't have done two major changes in one release is quite reasonable. Possibly that's a mistake, which I'm still currently making. The reason I'm inclined to persist with it is that the new classes needed balancing anyway, and it seemed like double-handling to balance them for the existing monster list, and then need to reconsider. The other reason is that this is taking a long time anyway, and I'm impatient
  2. Your reasoning about shield bashes is excellent and helpful. I think having the chance and quality of bashing depend more on the weight of the shield and less on other things (currently DEX, to-hit, player weight and gear weight) is a good idea, with probably no bashes from wicker shields, and progressively more as you get heavier. I like the idea of factoring in the monster properties more thoroughly, too.
  3. Yes, the randart situation is terrible, but I was trying to get the big changes done first to give more time for them to settle (see point 1). It is high on my priority list.

On how to handle having the old classes available - I need to think about that a bit. I have used the "copy this file here" method rather than in-game options for a few things (eg full monster lore, using old randart sets), but it's worth having a reconsider. Reloading files based on a birth option is already done - if randarts are chosen as a birth option, the standard artifacts are reloaded so that the new randart set is based on them, rather than on some other randart set. I note Mars and fph's words of caution, too.

I should say, too, that I'm going to start specific, targeted (well, hopefully) discussions too on the new classes and on the new monsters and possibly on artifacts, randarts and egos (more scope creep...) in order to work out in detail what should happen (for example the new classes have many fewer books - is it too few now?).

Finally, I think I've got a bit too snippy a couple of times in this thread, sorry about that. Maybe it's the title

EDIT: Also meant to say something about my approach to monster changes. One of the reasons for the whole thing is that the game has changed considerably around the monster list, and more possibilities are available now, so I was trying to re-imagine the monster list in that light. For example, monsters used to be technically limited to four blows; they mostly still are for balance and predictability reasons, but it enabled an obvious variation for hydras.
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