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In the 5 years I've been playing Angband I don't remember changes to the game as drastic as the ones that are occurring now. It might not be a bad idea for Nick to slow down a bit; pick one aspect of the game to overhaul and get it right before going to the next.
I can think of 2 main reasons why an overhaul should be done holistically rather than by honing a single piece at a time:

1) Nick has finite time on his hands to maintain and update the code. Following the 80/20 rule we'll get significantly more complete per unit of Nick's work than if we get him to spend more time polishing (in the 20%). Crowd-sourcing the balance is going to help and while that happens Nick can go on ruining other parts of the game. Your thoughts on shield bashing might have come to Nick eventually, but over how long a time?

2) Parts of the game don't exist in isolation. They exist in balance with and in tension with each other. Honing a single change and bedding it in is a waste of time if, when the next area is changed, Nick needs to go back and redo the balancing against the new changes. Rather he should introduce as many changes as he has in mind to functionality and then iteratively hone them to a balance. Yes the development versions might have bugs and weird situations and even parts that feel wrong, but they are development versions. Come a full release I'd expect a cohesive, "balanced" game to have emerged.

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Finally, I think I've got a bit too snippy a couple of times in this thread, sorry about that. Maybe it's the title
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