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I noticed that last game. Even though I didn't have max str but max DEX I was getting 5 blows with a heavy weapon. I am unfortunately wielding a heavy weapon atm. The dex will come, though, since hobbits have good native dex.

I know I should write more concise DARs, but I find the details make it more interesting. My CON is dangerously abysmal right now. Even though I found "Trickery early, I will still die to a Drolem breath! I'm only at DL37, though, so hopefully will have the requisite HP soon (I'm 225, and I think I need 244).

And hopefully I'll find a source of rPois and dex in another slot soon, since I found another off-finger trinket that contributes +8 to dam in an amulet of Lightning Immunity. It's so typical to get two powerful items that have to compete for the same slot.

EDIT: How important is it for an item's cost to reflect its power/utility, versus reflect its overall power, regardless of utility? In the black market, I guess any item that costs around 30,000 gold is going to be a pretty good item. But a Heavy Xbow of Might <X5> (+14, +19) <+1> for 33,372 gold? Seems like a veritable bargain to me. !Augmentation costs 150,000 gold which seems a little high. I'll take a heavy xbow of might and power over !Augmentation any day of the week, even if their prices were swapped (so the !Aug costs 33K and the xbow costs 150K). That xbow is very near endgame power, and I'm affording it having reached a max depth of only 1950'. No complaints! This will be fun. And you can never afford an !Augmentation when you still need it, which is in the DL40s and 50s.

Maybe, items with to-dam on them that aren't rings or weapons should cost more and heavy weapons/armors should cost less? Maybe the cost of (to-dam) on weapons should do a bell curve once it starts going over +15? (Maybe it already does). Even if I was a warrior, where AC is king, I'd probably take the xbow over, say, an Adamantite armor of Elvenkind with a useful resist if they were the same price and I didn't have anything good in either slot and I could only afford one. But I think the armor would be in the neighborhood !Augmentation's price, maybe even more.

No one ever talks about winning the game with good AC. It's always about damage. Although doing melee with poor AC is rough-going later on in the game.

All I need now is off-weapon extra shots and it's GG.

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