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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
So when does @ stop acting? If not disturbed by external events (e.g. monster dying), is it when his energy is less than his energy required for another blow? That's the only way this approach makes sense to me, otherwise you dramatically weaken the first attack against a sleeping monster ...
You are right that this approach does dramatically weaken against a sleeping monster at the moment. In the long term, I think the fix to that is to make monsters awaken with -100 energy. The current method to hack so they do not attack the first move when they wake needs to be redone, unless I am confused how it works which is a possibility.

More generally, this system favors the defending monster. On average, against equal speed, if a monster steps next to you and you attack you will get half your blows before you start alternating its turn then your attacks. I think this seems fair.

One way I think this should be improved is that when waiting, with '5' or rest or search, you should stay at 99 energy. If you do that, then when the monster steps next to you you will generally start with a full set of blows.
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