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Originally Posted by GrimaTheBold View Post
If someone can tell me how to do a character dump from, I'll include it.
Create a dump the normal way, click on the icon at the top-right that says "files" on mouseover, locate your dump, click on the dump, save it to your computer with your browser's normal Save Page command and upload to oook from your computer.

I have Str & Con at 18/*** and Dex at 18/210. I'm disappointed to only see that's 1,033 HP, I assumed I'd have more when maxed out.
1033 HP is on the high side for most characters but fairly low for a warrior, sounds like your life rating might have room for improvement? It's enough for you to win with, though.

I have 3+ pips of resistance to all the base elements (except only 2 for Acid, which always seem to result in my staves of healing getting dissolved). 2 pips for Nexus, Sound, Disenchantment, and 1 pip for everything else. Just 1 pip for Conf & Blindness, so need to carry plenty of !Curing.
You can win on that, though second pips to nether, shards and chaos wouldn't hurt against J.

Wielding Werewindle & "Kusanagi-no-tsurugi", and with Terror Mask that gives total damage of 1,102 vs. Evil (a little more vs. Demons & Dragons). Is that end-game worthy damage?
Absolutely, my rule of thumb is that 600-700 vs. evil is "enough" for a melee Serpent fight (even 500 will do at a pinch, <450 is problematic though since you start running risks like J outregenerating your damage output or the fight being so long that 99 !healing is not enough). The 600-700 vs. evil usually assumes single-wielding, but I doubt your accuracy is impacted too badly by the dual-wielding since you're a warrior.

Is it worth giving up Terror Mask (and losing ~12% of damage output) to gain either Reflection or Anti-Magic (I'd switch to Thranduil, so I no longer need Telepathy on my amulet so could swap in Rf or AM)? And between the two, which is more important for a Warrior?
On an endgame warrior, anti-magic is better than reflection... but doesn't Terror Mask already give anti-magic?

You can afford to lose some damage, but I'd still suggest keeping Terror Mask.

I have lots of Destruction staves but never seem to use them, I know I should remember to use that more often.
Yes, destruction is your best friend when things get ugly with summons. (Be careful not to destruct J or Oberon though if you've already made progress towards killing them...)

And if anyone has any general advice on first time getting this deep with a Warrior, I'd love to hear it. Generally speaking what should I be looking to accomplish between now and DL 99?
Stay alive. Kill any folks you see that you don't want J to summon on you (e.g. Cthulhu, Kaschei, Tiamat, Vecna). Make sure you have enough !healing and !*healing* for J and Oberon, melee J fights take up a lot of !healing and your low AC won't do you any favours in that department. Try to find even better kit - your equipment is good but not so good it can't be improved, not sure what your inventory looks like. If you have high failrates on _Healing, look into opportunities to fit +Md in so you can rely on staff-healing more and can conserve potions that way.

And is it even worth tackling Royal Crypt and Spawning Pits quests or just skip them?
Royal Crypt is often skipped but can be worth it, especially if you're lacking in good amulets or rings or think Bilbo's armour would suit you. You usually get plenty of loot there, and while things can go south there they seldom go south so quickly that you cannot bail out (and since the win condition is just "kill 5 archliches", bailing out need not even mean failing the quest). If you don't run into Vecna elsewhere, and are worried about J summoning him, you can also do Royal Crypt for the chance to kill him there; he gets summoned there pretty frequently.

I don't see much mileage in doing Spawning Pits on this @, it would just be an unnecessary risk.
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