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Debugging with a C compiler isn't any harder. The tough part is setting up the compile environment from scratch :/

And your changes aren't really spread out "to heck and gone." I could have told you what files would need modifying.

For the record:

Adding a new command:
cmds.h to add the new command declaration
* [ED: this is broken, since some of them are also in externs.h]
cmd0.c, to add a new command to the command m enus & list.
* [pre-3.0.8: was dungeon.c, and was that ever a lousy place!]

cmd[1-3].c to add the new command implementation, depending on what type it is. (This depends on which menu in cmd0.c)
(cmd4.c is for meta-commands like options and knowledge)

To change the behavior of individual monsters: (NOT by monster "genus", like 'T', 'o', 'D', etc.)

monster.txt: to add the new flag/descriptor to the individual monster data field.
monster/types.h to add the new field in the basic monster type.
init1.c to add to the tokens (string constants) tables for initialization.
Also, the spoken strings may go here too.
init2.c to add to the monster.txt parser.
init.h to add the appropriate #defines for token_ids.
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