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As it happens, slime mold juice (and apple juice) are no longer in the game -- my current character, a paladin, has Icky Green Potions of Life. He's also only briefly worn an amulet of Wisdom, favoring Regeneration early on and Trickery/Weaponmastery/ESP later. His WIS is maxed out at 18/110. Of course this is different for priests, who need much stronger spellcasting; paladins can't rely on their spells in the middle of fights anyway (minimum 5% failure rate) so maxing their WIS is less of an issue.

Which isn't to say that I support conflating INT and WIS. I think they're both important stats. It'd be nice if improving WIS had a more visible effect on your saving throw (and if saving throw difficulty depended on the level of the effect you're trying to save against), and if improving INT had a more visible effect on your magic device skill. I think I'd support removing class- and race-based saving throws entirely in favor of WIS.
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