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Originally Posted by Mondkalb View Post
I like FAangband, which currently is being updated with some of the new features of vanilla Angband.

FAangband (First Age Angband) has a vast overworld and four dungeons as well as several towns of various size.

Nick has tailored it to reflect the first age of Tolkien's world in respect of monsters, uniques, and gear.
FAangband features a few more races and different classes than vanilla. It has a fractional resistance system. Also, various resistance combinations can appear on non-artifact rings and amulets along with activations. Furthermore, classes get uniqe abilities on birth and later with level-ups.

Overall a very interesting and quite hard variant.
You mentioned FAangband is currently being updated.. but everything I see shows the latest update being 1.4.4 in 2013. Are there newer builds up somewhere?
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