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Originally Posted by caruso View Post
It's been a while since I last played Angband and variants, but when I do for the next time, I'll probably play Quickband by Antoine again. It's a faster variant of NPPband, which, in turn, aims to be a best-of of all variants. What I especially like about Quickband:
  • The dynamic "not a challenge" level-feeling prevents players from boring themselves. (If you stay on a depth for which you are overpowered, you will get less rewards.)
  • Fast progress, more meaningful battles. Even fighter classes may find themselves in challenging situations as early as DL 3
  • Inscriptions on some walls will warn you against the most (?) dangerous enemies on that level: I do feel "lucky", but should I risk encountering that Mature Bronze Dragon, without Confusion Resistance? You can continue to read an inscription until it falls apart.
  • Runes, which need to be disarmed like traps, but, unlike traps, can harm you from a distance: Should I really have my clumsy warrior fiddle with that Nether Rune? Or should I grab one more treasure and make for the door?

Minor quibble: A few elements from NPP seem out of place, like the permanently closed Adventurers' Guild and the unattainable "Make spellbook fireproof" service. And, unfortunately for you, the Quickband world consists only of a town and a dungeon.

I may also take a closer look at Seven Day Band, which allows you to create your own *band as you play it.
Woah, Seven Day Band looks really neat! I wonder how deep it lets you go... Is it just one dungeon and you get to name the spells, monsters, items, etc? I wonder if you have options for a wilderness... maybe that's being too optimistic haha

edit: just fired it up for a laugh. Can't get full screen to work. oh well it is a really cool idea.

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