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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
Well, he's there isn't he? Curently playing 1.41. Had pretty high hopes for my last attempt (~55 effective evasion, ~25 attack, +20 Free Action, singing Song of Freedom, Riposte+double attack) but it turned out that my Sharp Mithril Greatsword (3d9 effective strength) wasn't quite enough to overcome his last powerups regeneration.

Lowish attack score, but thought I could go with Anticipate to compensate but couldn't actually get him to become Aggressive at low hp. Thought cutting a Silmaril or two was enough, but seems I was wrong.

Realistically I did find Saithnar shortly after making my artifact sword so could have optimized a bit by foregoing the smithing and anticipation and putting a few extra points in power/attack skill, but not sure if that'd work outside of some very good RNG. Has anyone succedeed with a pure melee character in this version?
Morgoth hasn't been buffed since:
... though I note that was a character packing four additional damage sides (five with Power) and Angrist. Balancing for the additional brokenness of Smithing currently makes Morgoth tough to overcome without a dedicated smith.

I do feel he should probably be thematically permanently aggressive when angered though. I'll try and bake that into the next release.
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