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It's this here:

So it's 1.3.3 & prior to the archery changes, I'm not sure what else has changed. It's 2x(3d10) + 1x1d12. A 2d6 branded sword, power & finesse, an extra damage side on the gloves.

It's a while ago so I don't really remember but judging off the abilities (concentration + cruel blow + controlled retreat), I probably was using the bow to build up a concentration bonus & land cruel blow on the retreat. I likely stunned him first with an earthquake to squeeze a little extra. Then hit, back, hit, back & if he ever staggers poison arrows to keep up concentration. I don't think cruel blow worked as well as it used to, with slaying you got crazy hits against him.

I also suspect there's a better setup with a great sword, however my attempt with Saithnar had gone disappointingly, so I'm not sure. I have been idly wondering if there's a way to get Glend to work. Get vengeance & smith crazy amounts of str onto everything. There must be something though, Thraalbee used the artifact mattock on a bugged Christmas run, though the dump appears to be gone & only the screenshot remains. Mostly I've been too pessimistic to make the attempt. It's a lot of work to get to that level of OP only to fail anyway. I was sure MITZE would get through with subtle Ringil & that didn't seem to work though I didn't see the run to judge his technique.
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