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Smithing isn't strong though. Dedicated smithing builds are painful to get through the early and middle game, and the return of investment for all that XP doesn't kick in until well after other melee builds beats the tar out of everything that isn't Morgoth.

Also, apart from getting enough damage output to actually polish off V most smithables doesn't get appreciatively better than findable items until mid-high 30's (and beyond) in the smithing skill.

I've mentioned this before, but I still think Smithing is inherently unbalanceable and, frankly, not that interesting (much of what makes roguelikes interesting imo is in figuring out how to utilize with the euipment you find). This goes for any game with any sort of "crafting" system. If smithing is the big reason you're finding Morgoth hard to balance I'd swap out the entire tree for something different instead.

On topic, yeah I agree that at present V is mainly a challenge becasue he requires orders of magnitude higher damage output than anything else in the game to actually kill. Maybe start off by removing the regeneration and rebalance from there.

Someone once posted the idea of the player only being able to temporarily knock him out at best (what with him being a god and all), meaning he'd return for the chase sequence no matter what.
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