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Boots of speed on level 1, eh?

Just a reminder that staves of detect evil don't detect the most terrible and dangerous monster of DL42 native depth, the Drolem. If you find a rod of detection; absolutely keep it; very key item. Basilisks and Greater Basilisks breathe a lot so if you see one, know that the greater basilisk will kill you pretty much instantly, and the lesser one will make short work of you, though since your xbow is so powerful if you can get the first shot on it before it wakes up I would take it on (exercising great caution). The greater basilisks are native to DL45, so you shouldn't see any roaming around outside of vaults for some time yet.

One thing I learned recently is that at your depth an armor of resistance with good AC is better than the following low-AC armors of Elvenkind: rSound, rShard, rNether, rLight, rDark, rChaos (with rChaos a maybe). These resistances are not very important at your depth, (most sound breathers you will be killing dead before they get a chance to breathe on you, and the ones that you won't kill easily, you probably don't want to deal with at all). If you find a low-AC armor of elvenkind rDisenchant, I'd probably keep it, especially for a newer player, as I hate having my artifacts/high enchantment gear get wrecked. And definitely if you find any armor of rPois you keep it, (although if it's a robe, it's not quite as clear cut of a decision, as you definitely don't want to let your AC drop too low). Your armor of Elvenkind has pretty low AC. Also, any shield with more AC than your rAcid shield is better, since having a resistance twice confers no additional benefit.

Ideally, you'd find a shield of Elvenkind rPois and wear a high AC Dwarven armor, freeing up the finger for a ring of damage or a ring of rPois.

By spending little time on each level, and little time in each area, you reduce the risk of being surprised by something nasty; keep moving to points of interest and leaving levels if there is nothing super interesting keeping you there. It would be great to find a regeneration item since your stealth isn't very good, meaning that resting isn't very safe.
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