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Ohaladrie(sil-q Haleth Warrior at the half way pt)

So this is going well at the moment but still plenty of time & game to stuff it up.

More a straight warrior then the usual sneaker/assassin people play on Haleth's but it's still enough stealth to get the jump on enemies if you use what the dungeon gives you (walls/doors). Rout has been super strong, cruel blow affects enemies morale on top of the confusion, so it's been a mixture of bow & sword which is my usual preference.

Lug was sketchy but I decided to fight him for testing purposes, luckily he's receiving a nerf in the next update, for now I suggest shooting him unless your character is buff.

I've felt pretty solid up to this pt but now light is starting to bother me. I'm sick of being jumped by grave wights in dark rooms & webs have been a little iffy without a source of FA. The defender glaive is new & I haven't decided yet whether to stick with it. On the one hand the damage is more impressive then my long sword, on the other the kite shield is nice protection. Will play around a bit with both.

Have enter 500' but may duck back depending on how fights feel, in a decent place on the turn count if I turn out too weak for the depth.
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