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In this order:

#1: Complete control over character creation and development for unique, stylized builds, whether they be great, sufficient or poor. The best character engine I've seen for V or variant.

#2: Ridiculously polished and balanced. Have fun trying to break the game, because it's just about impossible, and should you manage it, it gets polished again.

#3: In relation to character creation: differing styles of play are viable. Even for melee, of which I've only dabbled, there are different builds and weapons to utilize to make the experience different.

#4: Pretty dang difficult. Retains the mental challenge even after many play-throughs.

#5: Pacing and time. Doesn't take long to complete a game, and the levels generally provide you with what you need xp and gear and consumable wise.

#6: Community is active in character ladders. Might seem minor, but it is much more fun to play a game where the maintainers and most other Sil players regularly look into and post comments on Sil characters. One of the reasons I also stuck with FA for so long and still play it.

I'm not sure if Sil is 'fun', but it is completely engaging. I've dumped some thousands of hours into it. It doesn't give me the fix I need from overpowered brutality, that's Heng and children. It doesn't give me the atmosphere fix, that's UnAngband. It doesn't give me the grand adventure, that's FAangband. To me, Sil is like a simulation, and to me this is a good thing.
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