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1) The epic 'viking' feeling. That's by far my favorite part. That strange distant, epic mythical feeling evoked by the Silmarillion feels like it has been captured perfectly in this game. Everything else is just gravy

... but for the rest...

2) The simultaneous feeling of difficulty and fairness. Most times when I die, I really feel like I deserved it, whether as a result of previous decisions made (i.e. it was a bad build) or something I recently did.

3) The variety of different effective builds / approaches to the game.

4) The "tightness" of the game, which is a function of its short length and its intensity.

5) The way that all the game systems interact (light/dark, stealth/noise, etc.)

6) The obvious attention to detail that was put into the research of the setting.

That's all I've got for now
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