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I've never played Vanilla Angband, so apologies if any of these are in it.

1. The time limit combined with better loot/more XP on lower levels means you are incentivized to set the challenge level as high as you can handle. Finding powerful items doesn't lead to boredom while you wait for the monsters to catch up, since you can just dive, and are encouraged to do so mechanically.

2. The weapon weight system elegantly creates an organic spectrum between bashy and stabby characters.

3. The numbers are mostly transparent and the math is mostly doable in my head, so if I want to know how a build will work I can actually figure it out.

4. The "u" key uses any item and the "-" key selects items off the ground. It's a small thing but every bit of streamlining helps. Maybe I should just say in general that it's streamlined.

5. The abilities system gives you a bunch of cool toys and you can mix and match whichever ones you want.
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