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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
All of this sounds great, except removing knockback. Knockback is a potential interesting ability and should be kept IMO.
Yeah, I've come round on that. I should update with my latest thoughts.

I began by thinking: "Some abilities are practically useless, others are too powerful; by balancing them there will be more viable ways to play the game. Also there should be more support to encourage using weapons other than swords".

Infinitum's comment "Abilities not changing up playstyles are boring" put a fresh slant on this for me. It's not just having multiple reasonable choices, it's about having the decisions you make change the way combat plays out.

In this context, Knockback leads to very different combat to other options, and should be kept (though it feels too weak to be at the top of the Power tree, so moving it where Throwing Mastery is now feels better to me).

I still like the idea of Impale (also attack the monster behind your opponent if using polearm or greatsword) as a way of encouraging polearms and greatswords, and I think Feint (+3 after a miss) may make using low-accuracy weapons more viable. Smashing Blow generally should help heavier weapons, like great-axes. We can try things, see if they work, and if they don't revise them.

I think the biggest fix needed in the Song tree is getting rid of the "need" to use Slaying to finish the game.
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