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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
Just a minor thing but is it easy to swap around starting stats for the different races? Edain being physically stronger than Sindar Elves irks me, as does Edain being naturally better fighters than Dwarfes. Changing Sindar to 0111 and Naugrim to 0021 (with an extra stealth malus) would make more sense imo.
Altering stats should be doable. Docking a point of Con might feel harsh though. I'm a little tempted to just bump the -1s up to 0 - 0121 and 0031 respectively. It would make Sindar and Naugrim a little easier, but they'd still be much worse than Noldor.

Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
On buffing Warhammers; remember that they already compare favourably to greataxes when wielded 2-handed (-2,4d3)5lb vs (-4,4d4)10lb.
This is a fair point. How much do either Warhammers or Great Axes get used at present though?
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