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Sounds... interesting... I think my view depends a lot on what "interesting" means.

An example of AI I find interesting: Sils pack monsters circling round behind you.

An example of AI I don't find interesting: NPPs Umber Hulk. These things do a perfect parallel of the corridor. Does it look natural? Is it actually interesting? Fun? Some people probably like it but for me it looks crazy robotic & emphasizes that Kill_Wall is as fast as moving in an empty space. Something that's livable for simplisity's sake until you shove it in the players face by making the AI abuse it.

I think as long as the AI is done around making things behave naturally looking, orcs behaving like orcs etc. it's going to be an improvement. As soon as it's difficulty for difficulty's sake it'll look robotic. The amusing thing is it can be incredibly robotic (Sil's is) but not look it.

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