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Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
It's not unreasonable to think that. Personally, I *like* becoming as ridiculously overpowered as I possibly can.

Huge speed ring? Check. +10 boots? Check. Obscenely powerful shield that might as well be an artifact? Check. Power DSM? Check. Deathwreaker? Check. The One? Oh yeah. It's open season on Morgoth.
I must admit I'm a bit like that too... but I don't think I'll ever beat my Carsomyr character. Best Speed Ring ever (+23!), every high-level artifact (except FŽanor, but meh, who cares if you have +33 from one ring and Ringil), all RoPs, Ringil, etc.

The only character that I could imagine beating that would be a randart character who got even more ridiculously lucky. (I'm thinking two +2 attack rings and perhaps another +1 attack off-hand or something like that.) I must admit to scumming randart spoilers for quite a bit just for the hell of it, too.

(But, hey, at least it's not like ToME 2 with its +10 attack rings. Unfortunately, the limited set of artifacts is a big turn-off for playing Vanilla for me... I really like the feeling of unlimited potential in T2.)
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