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It depends. The answer will change over time depending upon the @s then current Dexterity and the weight of the @s then primary weapon. Also whether sustaining the Dexterity stat is a current concern. Check the damage per round of the weapon when wearing each ring (I'm assuming you cannot wear both, because you have a speed ring or another damage ring or some such in the other ring slot). Compare the damage, and go with the one that is higher. For example, if the Dex ring gives higher damage output with the principal weapon, then use the Dex ring, but keep the damage ring in inventory or at home. Once @'s Dex is increased by stat gain potions or by other equipment bonuses, do the comparison again. Also do the comparison again when @ changes the principal weapon. At some point, the Damage ring will likely outclass the Dex bonus. Another consideration is the @ class. If @ is a ranger, then Dex is more critical for the use of a bow. The damage ring has no effect upon the damage of arrows, but the Dex ring can affect the to-hit chances for the arrows.
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