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Chris, I regret having so little time to play your variant lately! It's still my go-to roguelike, but I haven't had a chance to play roguelikes for quite a while. When I play games I'm usually playing with my wife, and roguelikes aren't multiplayer games.

I'm impressed by your level of dedication to this game and I hope to give it another try soon. Things have evolved a lot since I last played, sometimes in unexpected directions. I'm always intrigued by the changes that come with new versions. I believe I can discern some of the guiding principles: You feel compelled to play as optimally as you can, so you've tried to ensure that optimal play is not scummy. I like that. It seems that you've also tried to transform meaningless game mechanics into meaningful ones (for example by making use of Charisma --- I'm fuzzy on the details though) and to move from binary properties to sliding scales, so that there are fewer stats that @ can ignore after getting past a certain threshold. And despite that the sheer number of classes/monsters/items makes balancing difficult, it seems that you're aiming for a game in which each type of character and each strategy have a certain reasonable level of balance. No pressure, but it encourages me to hear that you're pursuing your vision for the game and that you plan to stick with it. Go at whatever pace works for you and your life, and take breaks.

It's awesome that you're at version 7.0.1. If you get around to writing something about your design goals, I'll be interested in reading it. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I hope to try out the latest version and let you know if I have any balance suggestions or if I've found a bug. Keep up the good work!
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