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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Thats the thing with archery, you need so many stars to align for it to be imba that it rarely is imba.

Best chance for that kind of ammo are GVs; either keep farming, or cut your losses and kill Morgoth with whatever.
Good launchers show up pretty commonly; all you need is a source of extra shots. In Vanilla your choices are either to be a Ranger or to use a launcher with Extra Shots on it (since no good artifact launchers have Extra Shots), which rules out most artifacts. In randarts you can find off-slot Extra Shots and there can be good randart launchers that also have Extra Shots on them.

In other words, imbalance in standarts is mostly limited to rangers and anyone lucky enough to find a <+2, +2> Buckland sling with good +to-dam; imbalance in randarts is strictly more common because it has those two cases plus potentially other randart-based cases.
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