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it's over. i won, he lost.

i actually had to bail out of my first fight, losing quite a bit of good quality arrows. luckily, on my second try, i found 3 stacks of seeker wounding arrows.

no *destruction, although i had kelek. i also had ONE scroll of banishment and zero MBan, but i did have 30 *heal, 30 heal, 30 mana, 7 Life, 3 rods of heal, and +20 base speed encumbered.

i spawned in the south east corner, and cleared the room (although i could have done so faster), nuked morgot with all i had from a rune of protection, and when he got close i TS to another corner.

if he summoned something strong, like a reaver, i would teleport it away.

instead he summoned dragons and liches. i'm dumb, so instead of teleporting morgot away, i would TS to the opposite side, and wait for him. When he shows up, i nuke him, and then TS back to the opposite side .. and clear out the room of his previous summons, while he comes back.

this has the slight advantage that, while you were fighting morgot, some of them might have moved through the dungeon.

shooting with a 5x Lothlorien (+14 damage, i later found a 4x +24 that did more damage), CL50 ranger with a randart ring of +2 shots.

i can't seem to win with anything besides overpowered characters. two rangers, 1 rogue with a ridiculous weapon with 800 vs evil, and one mage where i basically meleed morgoth and used just rune and MBan.
"i can take this dracolich"
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