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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
i can't seem to win with anything besides overpowered characters
It's easy. You just go down sooner.

This isn't a "dive, dive, dive" post, clearly, since we're only talking about 1 DL. If you never die to Morgoth, you're waiting too long; frankly, it's not even fun if there's no real danger. My last winner took him on with 17 base speed (and only had, if I recall correctly, 7 speed potions). It's not at all rare that I face him with < 20 (though 17 is pretty low). Nor is it uncommon that I take him on while missing one or more of RBase.

And you said you had like 30 *heal*? I can't remember the last time I found that many in a whole game, let alone carried them to the final battle.

I also don't use banishment or mass banishment. I find both of them to be unbalancing.
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