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I appreciate the intent of having blackguards not benefit from light weapons the same way other classes do, but the implementation is opaque at best. It relies on tweaking a variable in an obscure formula that is only obliquely presented to the player, in the form of the "to get X blows/round with this weapon you would need Y more STR/DEX" text.

I still say that all classes should use the same blows formula (with the same weight biases), but warriors get +1 blow at clvl25 or so and mages/priests get -1 from the start of the game. If you want blackguards to prefer heavy weapons, then you can always give them an explicit bonus/penalty depending on the weight of their weapon. "You feel that your weapon is insufficiently intimidating" sounds like a good message to use when a blackguard distastefully equips a dagger.
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