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Making Progress

Here's what I've programmed and tested so far:
  • SP degeneration
  • SP refilling from melee attacks and losing HP to enemy attacks
  • Expanded (but hacked) Spell List

The playstyle (after many adjustments) is pretty much what I was hoping for.
  • Some nice positives right away to counter the negatives
  • Lots of incentive to get into melee.
  • If you have leftover MP and reasonable HP there's plenty of incentive to keep on trucking. But with very low HP or no MP it's prudent to rest.
  • HP recovery that works better the more damaged you are (nothing that will make paladins jealous).
  • When you have to escape combat you have more incentive to get right back in that monster's face (after quaffing some healing pots, of course!).
  • The above 3 items keep the pace at a much higher level than standard Angband play, which is different and fun.
  • Instead of being bored by low level monsters, they look like small SP boosts to the player (bullying for fun and profit)
  • 2 very fun fear effects, largely because you have a move & attack spell to chase enemies down!
  • Kept most if not all of the best stuff from 4.2.0 and nightlies: berserk, CotD, poison, taunt, throw, thirst.

My new working title/description for the essential blackguard quality, from player_property.txt:
name:Combat Regeneration
desc:Battle fuels your spirit, but complacency dims it

I have one big hack in the spell list that I need to fix. Otherwise I can provide a playable version which is pretty darn close to what I want in terms of gameplay, but farther away in terms of programming effort, and not too much thought given yet to balance vs other classes. I think the way to do this is on my own angband fork, but I'll defer to Nick on how to proceed. I have a small team of testers already: my sons, ages 12 and 9. They're scheduled to dig in this weekend.
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