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Post Report Batch #1

Beornings: I haven't noted the full list of what's disallowed for bearform (I'm guessing it applies to shapechange in general), but entering your own home probably shouldn't be on it. It's cute with the actual shops, but who else is in your home that's slamming your own home's door in your face?

Flavor Text: Flavor text is missing from a number of things; I've specifically noticed torches, lanterns, and the general flavor text for categories of objects.

Level Teleportation Effects: Deep Descent crashes the game if read in the wilderness, haven't tested in the dungeon yet. Dangerous/annoying if you've been use-IDing scrolls.

Illegal Spawning: I've noticed monsters and objects spawn in the permarock surrounding the wilderness levels.

Magestaff Activation: Magestaves restore SP for non-mage non-necromancers, despite their flavor text saying otherwise.

The Day/Night Cycle: Nightfall wipes out the terrain knowledge for the current level if you're outside when it happens; there's no convenient [R]est option for waiting until sunrise/sunset.
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