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Post Report Batch #2

Rune Knowledge: There is an odd issue with rune knowledge; characters seem to forget and remember all known runes at random. It ranges from just not recognizing that you know all the runes of a piece of equipment (i.e. marking it with {??} even when you know everything) to temporarily forgetting runes that you do know (i.e. not knowing what's on a piece of equipment when you inspect it, even if you should know). EDIT: The bug with forgetting seems like it's caused by something in town, either buying or selling. It seems to fix itself by saving and reloading the game.

Monster Knowledge: There appears to be some sort of (possibly only) display bug with the monster knowledge display under ~; there are things I've definitely killed with my current character that the game tells me I've killed none of. Perhaps related to the rune knowledge bug somehow?

Throwables: Stuff suitable for throwing (daggers, sling ammo, ect.) is marked up quite a bit, both making it a bad idea to buy from the store and an excellent source of income when you sell it.
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