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Post Report Batch #4

Rune Knowledge: I have a Cloak of Protection that is both too good and bugged; 27% rAcid, 80% rFire, and 20% rCold, and it has an additional rune that refuses to identify, even with scrolls of identify rune (unrelated to my troubles with spontaneously forgetting rune knowledge; I made sure that that issue wasn't in effect for the character before trying).

Visuals: Random @ glyphs occasionally spawn; I've only noticed it on wilderness levels that lead to a dungeon I think.

Sling Ammo: I don't know if it's just rogues--I've been told that they're throwing specialists now--but throwing sling ammo is far more damaging than slinging it for me, nearly x2 damage doing a quick check with my current state.

Artifact Names: Directly named artifacts don't have their name put in single quotation marks as I'm used to seeing, e.g. The Robe 'Insert Name'.

Knowledge Menu: A bunch of the knowledge menus crash the game, including the ones that show store inventories and the equippable comparison.

Knowledge Menu: Trying to view the home inventory via it leaves the game claiming you have an empty home.

Quivers: One can't quiver throwable but otherwise normal weapons; this makes throwing daggers, spears, ect. far less useful because they take up more inventory for less utility.

Egos: Various egos which should have maluses innately attached to them to not.
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