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Now that a link to is in the official page too, I do think a new players do have enough sources of information to ask about things like selling options. Without something like 'mellon' password - a thing that postponed my participation in this forum for quite some time.

Selling is what it is in V. You love it at first and, after some experience with lugging junk in town, turn it off and never look back. I'm one to talk, I know.. Heck, I'm having hard times giving up selling in frogcomposband myself!

If there should be more hand-holding when it comes to birth options, should birth options be there in bold letters in character creation, or what?

PS: One of the weirdest behavioral patterns I've noticed watching roguelike players in action, is to see them hoarding cash and NOT spending it, when something useful shows up in a shop. Because a jackpot will eventually appear later in some shop and then the player suddenly doesn't have the money. If he spent money on something that gives immediate benefit and a jackpot item suddenly appears in a shop, I get blamed for telling his money should not be saved for later if an instant upgrade is available.

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