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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Anyway, I was noticing in the past game that I was not really finding any sustains on artifacts. After the game I generated the spoiler and found that my lack of sustaining artifacts was not surprising.

Here is each sustain by frequency:
STR: 2
INT: 3
WIS: 2
DEX: 3
CON: 8
CHR: 10

Total: 28

Furthermore, there were very few items with multiple sustains. Only four had 2 sustains, and the rest had only 1.
That's 24 randarts with sustains

If we compare this to standarts we see the following breakdown:
STR: 6
INT: 5
WIS: 4
DEX: 7
CHR: 2

Total: 34

More items have multiple sustains. 7 have one sustain, 3 have two, 6 have three and 1 sustains all (anarion)
That's Anarion and 16 Arts with sustains

(both sets exclude the one ring)

I'm not sure that this is a problem per se. It certainly made the game different for me, and forced me to wield or carry an amulet of sustenance the whole game, including during the final battle. So that's good in a sense, because the reason I'm playing with randarts is to get a different game. I'm just not sure if this is a desired effect or not.

I have not noticed this in other randart games.
So if you ignore Anarion as the obvious specially crafted sustain Artifact, your randart set has more items with sustains, and the same total number over all. I think the main difference is that they come in packs less often. If you value sustains highly, an item with only one sustain will still be useless, while one of those truearts with three sustains might be usefull
For me as a player this looks ok. As you said this is the kind of thing that makes playing with randart intresting. It's not like you got 28 robes or something.

I think I would have used an amu of trickery (if available) instead of sustenance. You can fight Morgy without sustains without a problem, while the endgame is scary without res poison
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