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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Fizzix would also need to print the randart spoiler over several dozen games and analyse the stats - that should show a convergence between the number of sustains in the standard set and the number in a randart set.

It is true that multiple sustains occur less often though - I'll make a note to address that.
I wasn't pointing out a bug, just an observation. The main observation, like you pointed out, is that the items with multiple sustains seem less. I'm not sure if this is true over a large set. It was really hard for me to calculate that from looking at the code. I could look at a large set, and writing a code to generate standart spoilers and analyze them for sustains is actually in my abilities, so I could do that if it is desired.

The other observation is that it seems from the code that the sustains are all treated as equally valuable. Whereas, in the standarts STR, DEX and CON are treated as the most valuable. INT and WIS are significantly less common, and CHR rarely comes up at all. I'm not sure that it's a good idea to mimic these frequencies though. It may not be desirable.
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