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Originally Posted by ewert View Post
Aside from weapons, I actually think standarts are maybe easier than randarts.

Now WEAPONS, that is where some sickening randart stuff happens.

PS. Pre-statgain +8 wis/speed boots for half-troll paladin with rDis. I thought I was gonna wear that forever. Then found +9wis/speed with rDis, mwahahaha (and some low stuff 1-2 on both too)
You found TWO pairs of boots with +8 or +9 WIS *and* speed, in the same game?? Weird.

Anyway, Derakon is right, the total power of a set of randarts should be within 3% of the total power of the standard artifact set, so feel free to compare as much as you like. Whether you're lucky enough to *find* that 6d6 Morgoth-killer or those +9 WIS/Speed boots is another matter ... but that's no different to comparing one game where you find Ringil at 1000' to another one where you don't ...
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