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Originally Posted by PowerDiver View Post
Orc pits are exciting at DL80 if you aren't strong enough to kill anything else.

DL54 is the cutoff where snagas become worth killing, as stat potion drops come into depth. IMO orc pits are mostly a waste *before* DL54, not after, but probably that's just me. You should make sure that the depth where orc pits stop showing up is not in the late 50s or else there may be a couple of DLs that turn into a new semi-official stat gain depth.
It isn't just you--I like wiping out orcs at dl60+. Otherwise, what's the use of those staffs of dispel evil?

As for scary pits--you haven't lived until you try to take on an NPP 0.4.1 Hydra pit.
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