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Item design: I like it.

I just wanted to say:

I have been playing Angband since a long time ago. And some time back, I started up an old game, and I found a new kind of amulet. Trickery. And I was amazed, because suddenly the amulet slot wasn't stupid anymore. I've been playing a -dev angband a bunch (recent enough to have no Charisma anymore), and I've been finding the most amazing items.

A lot of them, I don't want. I don't want a ring of the mouse with -5 damage, but... It's conceivable to me that I might. The ring of the dog would actually be sort of cool if I were on a different build. The ring of open wounds? Brilliant. I love the idea of an item which impairs hit point recovery, but which I might actually want. Ring of digging? Yes, please!

I am a little sad about the elemental brand rings being gone, although I see why they had to go from a balance perspective. I have notions of proposing a weak elemental brand which, say, adds a fixed level of typed damage (like 1d6-2d6 or something) regardless of weapon damage dice. But even without that, I still think things like combined ring stats are interesting and worthwhile.

Equipment choices in a roguelike are often trivial. Angband's doing a really nice job, from my point of view, of providing genuinely interesting trade-offs and choices.
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