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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Second, which version is this? That's quite a serious bug, if my code generated that ... I'm guessing an overflow error somewhere.
This is in the new 4.0 beta. This is the only randart that's stood out so far: the others I've found have seemed perfectly normal. I've got the spoiler file, if that's any use to you. And I've still got randart.log from that game, but it's too big to attach. Here's the relevant bit:

********** ENTERING EVAL POWER ********
Artifact index is 30
the Quarterstaff of Faladron (9d9) (+8,+15) [+13] <+1>
Object is deemed known
37 power from to_dam
Add 112 power for damage dice, total is 149
Mult after extra might is 1
After multiplying power for might, total is 149
Add 12 power for to hit, total is 161
Add 13 power for to_ac of 13, total is 174
Add 9 power for 1 STR, total is 183
Object flags are:
Add 9 power for SUST_STR, total is 192
Add 16 power for PROT_BLIND, total is 208
Add 12 power for SEE_INVIS, total is 220
Add 3 power for ignoring acid, total is 223
Add 1 power for ignoring electricity, total is 224
Add 3 power for ignoring fire, total is 227
Add 1 power for ignoring cold, total is 228
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