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Having fun with Oangband

== Intro ==

So, I'm back to the Angband scene, and decided to concentrate on having fun this time. I want to avoid the mistake of getting stuck in structural code changes that doesn't affect the user.

I decided on playing Oangband, since the classes and their specialties interests me, and the structure of FA doesn't suit my goals right now.

Having fun, that means different things with different people. For some it's the challenge - for me it's exploring the different character powers and watching my character grow.

A disclaimer: I'm modifying the game to suit my tastes, some might call this cheating, I call it maximizing my fun.

Changes in the code from vanilla 1.1.0:
- Improved main-x11.c, with support for x11-settings.prf. (These changes are also in Nick v1.1.0u, BTW).
- Highlight spellcasting stat when selecting class at birth.
- More explicitly show that the stat gain from Clarity & Athletics are something from the character itself, not from equipement, by showing 2s in the @ column in character screen.
- Made specialties available more often. Once every ten levels, instead of every 20 levels. This allows me to toy around with more of them, instead of just picking a few must-have.

I will of course make more changes to the code as I play, and comment on why I'm making them.

== Playing ==

I have always preferred pure spell-casters over warriors, and having a desire to experiment with many classes at once, I picked Druid, Necromancer, Mage and Priest to start with. Created them all, but have only played the Druid so far.

=== Rhiannon the Druid ===

For specialties, I picked Power Strike at lvl 0. Druids aren't good at offensive spellcasting at start, so improved melee is good. At lvl 10, I picked Clarity, since now spells starts to become useful, and the mana boost is needed.
For lvl 20, I will choose Channeling since I believe in a strong first strike.
The first picks for the other casters will be similar, with Clarity and Channeling + one class specific.

Nice things about druids: Druids have very strong utility in their first two books. You don't have to buy a digger, or food. You also gets both detect life and detect traps/doors/stairs. Add to that light spells, remove curse and snuff small life that deals with annoying breeders. Also having melee that doesn't depend on a weapon, is nice.

Playing this character, I was very lucky. First time down, I find a phial on the floor on dlvl 1. YES!

I also discovered that hauling ammo back to town is a good way of making money. The ammo found in the dungeon often have a few plusses, and they're cheaply identified by selling one of the stack.
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