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Originally Posted by alandor View Post
I had never heard about Sil until recently but when I read about it I felt like I must try it out. I am a longtime fan of Angband (and Moria before that) and having a setting which is more true to the works of Tolkien sounds very appealing to me.

I downloaded v 1.3 from but I can't get that version running on my mac with Mac OS X Mojave. When I launch the program I get this error message:

Missing resources

Sil was unable to find the 'lib' folder, which should be in the same folder as the application, so must quit. Please report a bug on the Angband forums.
The folder lib is in the same folder as the Sil app. Any ideas on what could be wrong?
I have the same problem. Tried compiling from source code with no luck. I think Xcode and make couldn't find CarbonSound library.

Since I upgraded to Mojave with my new mac I've been having troubles running Angband variants based off of old codebases. I have been able to get them (including Sil) to run using Crossover with the Windows binaries, so if you don't have that you might try Wine.
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