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I think creating a git fork is the right thing to do.

First, make a backup copy of all your work (especially if you're worried).

Next, create an account at

Next, fork the angband/angband repo.

Now, you'll have a repo called something like BreathesFire/angband.

You should clone that repo (e.g. git clone

Now you should start copying files into that directory until it seems to work. After you get it working as well as your current copy is working, you'd want to run git commit -a to commit all your changes.

After that, keep working in this folder. When you get things to a "save point" (e.g. a place you might want to go back to if you mess things up) do another commit. Once you get things to the point where you want other people to see your work (or when you're ready to request that your work be pulled back into V) you're ready to worry about merging your work.

Does this help? Ping me on IRC (or here) if you need more detailed instructions.
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