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Modding Furyband (help please)

So I found an old "Magic Circle" script by Zfang that I copied from a version of which can be found on the Wayback Machine, and basically it adds an ability that allows you to draw a magic circle which--while standing on it--doubles your spellpower and then gets destroyed immediately after one use. It was obviously meant for ToME2, but I figured it would be cool to add to the craziness of Furyband. Full disclosure: I dabble in coding, but I'm not an expert at modding *bands by any means.

I'm running Furyband 5.1 Gold on Windows 10. So far I've gotten the script working (mostly) as intended, and even tweaked it a little to make it feel more fair. I have two separate issues, however:
1. When I press 'm' to access the ability menu, the ability isn't listed at all. I can use the ability by pressing '@' and typing out the mkey name, after which the ability works as expected.
2. I hope to reduce the in-game energy cost of using the ability by decreasing the energy_use variable by some combination of the Meta and Mastery Skills. I'm just not sure which variable to use and how to access the current level of those skills in order to calculate a proportion.

I'm also getting a somewhat concerning 'Unknown mego value modifier 1' error upon loading the Furyband module. I'm not sure whether it has to do with the menu problem or not.

I will attach the script I found in a .txt file, with some comments denoting what I changed. (The script itself already includes a changed version of the spellcasting function, with edits 'CHANGE1!' and 'CHANGE2'.)

Any help, expertise, or even questions for clarification are all appreciated in advance.
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