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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
The error log was vast, as if I were trying to compile a totally different language. I gave up after about five minutes of scrolling to see where the errors began.

Note: I changed the variable inside z-config.h from "./lib/" to the absoloute path of where I was going to put the lib files, and removed the lines marked as an option for using private_user_paths (I need to do this for every variant I run on the site).

I'll see about upgrading my GCC
Yeah, I'd try with a newer GCC first, at least if you have an older one .

Usually only the first ~200 or so lines are needed -- I should be able to get an inkling of the problem from that.

You could also post the log in a GitHub gist or something. (Not sure if you have a GH account; there are also other free "paste-a-file" services like pastebin or whatever.).

EDIT: Derakon's advice is also good. You could also just clear the scrollback buffer in your terminal. (Terminals differ on how to do that, but I think almost all of them support clearing the buffer.)
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