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Originally Posted by dhegler View Post
I removed that file and it started to work much better. Looks fine now. Just now getting used to gameplay. Like why My pt (I guess piety) went from not being there to -75 by walking around the dungeon. I get 1 back every time I kill the townsfolk... I'll Google piety tome I guess...
The in-game help files have a lot (but not all) of the info you'll need. It's worth checking there first. There's also the forums, which are good places to ask questions (although may not be the best for searching right now, as it lost many of it's old threads after hackers got in and then the forums were upgraded). There's also the Tome Wiki, which is a good place to go for some of the spoiler info.

Piety for some of the gods decreases over time, or can decrease for doing other things that anger them. Negative piety is pretty normal early in the game. By the time you are strong enough to wade through some of the monster-rich dungeons you'll have it up in no time.

Note that if things seem pretty overwhelming at first, you can always play with no god, or an "easy" god that doesn't have the incessant piety drain. Once you get the handle on your other skills and spells, then worry about prayer...
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