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The killerbunnies spoilers (scroll down to "Spoilers") are very helpful; the in-game help is merely quite helpful. Several of the gods will gradually reduce your piety over time, and all will reduce it quickly when praying. Since you mention getting piety when you kill townspeople, you're probably worshipping Melkor. He's easy to please; just slaughter everything in sight. Negative piety is not a huge deal unless it gets really massively negative (like, into the -5000 range).

Quick gods spoilers:
* Eru: the mage's god. Requires blunt weapons, boosts INT, WIS, and max MP as your piety increases. Gives knowledge spells.
* Melkor: works for anyone. Boosts STR/CON and saps INT/WIS as piety increases. Provides access to the Udun magic school (containing Drain and Genocide, both very handy), and at 5000+ piety, can autocast the Curse spell in melee, which just makes combat a joke (but you do have to boost Prayer a bunch to make this useful).
* Tulkas: works best for warriors. Boosts STR/CON and helps melee accuracy as piety increases. Divine Aim triples melee damage for a few blows. Gives access to Earth school (big spells: Stone Skin and Stone Prison).
* Manwe: general-use. Boosts speed as piety increases. I haven't used him in ages, but I hear he's pretty good.
* Yavanna: is a pain to worship (you pretty much have to chain-charm wild animals to gain piety), and doesn't provide many useful abilities. Don't bother.
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