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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
... which is precisely why the quiver was introduced in the first place. Choosing to limit the variety of enchantments in order to do without the quiver seems completely perverse (but fine for Sil of course).
I think the V style quiver is a pretty reasonable solution -- especially if you aren't prepared to change the underlying items you can find. However, I think that limiting the enchantment types is better still, even in V.

You don't need 1,000 different types of arrow in a game.

It may seem odd to restrict this from a status quo where they already exist, but I can't see any good design principle which would advocate having 1,000 types of arrow in the first place -- even in a game which is just about arrows!

In fact, as Timo has shown, it is even more than that. He has 39 types of arrow (and 39 types of bolt, stone). If you consider all +ve enchantments (+x,+y) up to +15, that makes 8,775 types of arrow, 8,775 types of blot, 8,775 types of stone. There is no way V (or any other game ever created) needs this kind of granularity. If I were maintaining V, I'd shift it to:

seeker arrow
arrow of fire
arrow of ice
arrow of poison

So 1 normal type and 4 kinds of upgrade. I'd increase the damage to compensate. Even just allowing the standard 39 types would seem much better than also having all the other pluses. Then again, I'm thankfully not maintaining V, so no need for anyone to worry.
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