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Yah, I know the weapon sucks for combat. I'm using it to get Legendary stealth, regen, and acid immunity. It's basically my dungeon wandering weapon, mapping things out, detecting objects, clearing rooms of weak monsters, etc. Regen helps keep haste up. Once I enter close quarters melee, I swap weapons.

PS> This all changed shortly. Found a GCV on dlvl 69, and got a Lt.xBow Haradrim (+14,+18), so dropped all the ranged devices except -DrainLife (for range). Still using -TeleOther, and _Teleportation, though.

PPS> Trying to decide whether an Executioner's Sword of Extra Attacks (4d5) (+12,+15) <+2> is end game viable. If I swap in a =Speed for =Mouse, it gives me 6.3 blows @ 349 dmg/rd. Once I get stat maxxed, that should be close to 400. Not great, but if I find nothing better, is it viable to finish off Morgy after I run out of Slay/Might arrows?
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